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PSA: Red, Yellow, Green...Crash! What does it all mean?

As we enter into the new year and fight the weather, we are also in the peak month for traffic crashes according to the Oregon Department of Transportation. Drivers should be reminded of what to do when facing a traffic signal. Our certified law enforcement members would like to provide some recommendations straight from the manual so you can arrive alive:

Green light - Driver response: proceed straight through the intersection or turn right or turn left, unless a sign prohibits the turn.

Yellow light - Driver response: a yellow light terminates your right-of-way to travel through the intersection. You must come to a stop before entering the intersection. If you cannot safely stop, you may travel through the intersection.

Red light - Driver response: STOP!!

The related traffic violation is called Driver Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device and comes with a $265 fine.

Our advice: slow down and pay attention so that we all get home safely!

Take Care, everyone!

- The CCPOA Members



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